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New Age medicine comes of age and goes mainstream, defying “traditional” healthcare boundaries.

As consumers are now taking more active roles in their personal health management and disease prevention, they are looking for new and effective ways to improve their health. Many are turning to alternative and holistic practices to fill in the gaps that traditional healthcare may leave. Breaking free of the “new age” stereotype, holistic medicine is gaining momentum in allopathic settings.

Patients who are looking for multi-tiered, integrative healthcare are finding that acupuncture and herbs are an available and effective complement to their primary care and specialty physicians. Physicians are also seeing the benefit to adding holistic services to their practices.

Available to comment on this trend is Erik Goldman, Editor-in-Chief of Holistic Primary Care and co-founder of the trade event, Heal Thy Practice: Transforming Primary Care. Through his research and close personal relationships with many physicians who are introducing holistic care, Mr. Goldman would be a great resource. He is also able to recommend local doctors to comment.

Also, Dr. Grace Keenan, founder and medical director of a four-site integrative facility in Northern Virginia, Nova Medical, is available to comment as well. Dr. Keenan is well known in the integrative health movement and is considered an expert in the field.
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