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Healthy Hair Gets A Technological Twist

HairCheck Measuring System Gives A High Tech Edge To Healthy Haircare Practices

Miami, FL Now, haircare professionals in the salon, spa and hair replacement industries can promote healthier hair by using an innovative new technology to create a valuable new service. Researched and developed by Mike Vidal at Divi International with Dr. Bernard Cohen from the Hair Loss Center in Coral Gables, Florida, they have patented the new HairCheck device as the first measurement tool to actually gauge hair thinning, hair breakage and hair regrowth. For the first time, beauty care and medical professionals are able to offer their clientele real data about the condition of their hair. Professionals specializing in services or products for hair loss and thinning hair will now be able to scientifically measure hair density years before balding is visible to the human eye, so they can start programs to protect from hair loss. For those marketing services and products for hair breakage, thinning and shedding, the HairCheck device will also offer better results for clientele. As the effects of products and services can be quantified, professionals can now adjust service and product recommendations as needed for the ultimate in healthy haircare.

The HairCheck device analyzes and measures the density of hair in a two by two centimeter area. To gauge hair breakage, hair is simply gathered at the root where a measurement is taken for a baseline healthy hair record. Then, the HairCheck tool is moved down the hair shaft to a section that is experiencing breakage for a measurement to record damage. This tool displays the percentage of breakage present in the hair. Ten percent of breakage would reflect a normal average for healthy hair. As hair grows from the roots, the oldest segment is furthest away from the scalp and damage is most prevalent towards the ends of hair. HairCheck measurements for breakage may be performed at every client visit, so that the performance and results of product use may be checked and adjustments made for the healthiest haircare results.

Hair breakage and shedding are very common problems for women and clients with longer hair. There are approximately 100,000 strands on an average head of hair. Hair grows in three different phases and at any given time will be in one of the separate phases. The first phase is the anagen phase, which lasts from four to six years and consists of active hair growth. The second phase is the catagen phase, a resting phase in which the hair follicle actually regresses. The third phase is the telogen phase, in which hair sheds. About 90% of the hairs on a human head are normally in the anagen phase at any given time. The average head will shed about 50 to 60 hairs per day. Normal hair growth rates are about one half inch per month.

Hair growth rates and these natural hair phases may be disrupted by many medical and environmental factors. Medicines, genetics, diet, autoimmune disorders and pregnancy are some common causes of excessive hair shedding. Stress can lead to hormonal imbalances and also contribute to hair loss, along with poor circulation to the scalp and clogged pores. Mechanical causes include styling the hair in tight braids, buns or pulling hair back from the forehead too severely. Trichotillomania, the excessive pulling or twisting of hair as a nervous habit, can also cause breakage or permanent damage. Environmental factors such as excessive sun, wind or chlorine exposure will also add to hair breakage as does excessive chemical processing.

There are many professional grade haircare products that may be recommended to help with hair breakage or thinning. Along with shampoos, conditioners and growth aids there are many complementary tools that may be successfully retailed. Hairbrushes, combs, hairdryers, wigs, hair pieces, hair extensions, styling tools, upstyle devices and many other healthy haircare items may be showcased as helpful solutions. As clients turn to beauty professionals in the salon, spa and hair replacement industries, they want to know the status of their hair’s condition and if the products or services they are using are actually working. CEO Mike Vidal notes, “We anticipate that this new HairCheck measurement device will become the standard service throughout the professional beauty and medical industries. There is incredible potential for offering this valuable new service in salons, spas and hair replacement centers. I want Divi International to be responsible for introducing this innovative new technology and methodology throughout the world.”

With HairCheck, beauty industry, hair replacement specialists and medical professionals will now be able to add thousands of dollars to their monthly incomes. Implementing this simple, yet scientific new service will enable salon owners and hair replacement specialists to successfully grow their businesses, while providing clients with valuable hair loss solutions. Men and women with thinning hair, hair loss or hair breakage will become motivated clients, seeking additional services and products to improve the health of their hair.

Get Your Hair Score With HairCheck! For more information on HairCheck or the full line of Divi International products including the Depiléve Hair Removal System, call 800-233-7453 or visit them on the web at:
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