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Carina Chatlani addressed the India Salon + Wellness Pro Conference

(Los Angeles, USA) ~ 29 January 2013
Attended by over 1500 salon and spa industry professionals from India and around the world, the India Salon + Wellness Pro conference focuses both on the macro and micro perspectives of the salon, spa & the beauty retail industry. What is the big picture and how does working locally, regionally and nationally affect the global arena.

The beauty & spa industries are attempting to respond to growing demand and with an almost feverish pace require proven information and results that can help expand with a solid substrate. Carina Chatlani participated in the panel discussion to grow the beauty and wellness environment, which discussed how build profitable growth for brands and salons. Chatlani gave a presentation on harmonious spa design with cognitively attractive elements.

Carina Chatlani is the founder + CEO of BODY BISTRO®, a global Ayurvedic, vegan, holistic, Wellness spa brand for the lifestyle client who demands luxe products. Chatlani is a sought-after authority in the wellness, traditional therapies, spa, organic and lifestyle industries. Her other creation, Asana Spa is responsible for customizing spas to the client’s specifications and unique brand proposition.

Her contributions have been actualized in a blend of Eastern holistic philosophy and Western science—an otherwise untapped combination, rich in recovery for body and soul. Carina’s spa product innovations and out of the box ideas have captivated the spa industry. Extending from the coast of Ceylon to the shores of Florida, spas, resorts, and wellness centers have tapped into Carina’s expertise and creative talent to design unique spa menus, exclusive treatment plans and wellness seminars that alter wellbeing and boost the resort’s unique brand positioning.

Ms. Chatlani is the author of numerous articles and she is completing a book on “Mindset: Driving Shifts in Consumer Purchasing Patterns”. A true Ambassador of holistic beauty, Ms. Chatlani continues her mission of educating consumers on the benefits of Ayurveda, equitable wellness & indigenous knowledge.

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