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Lipo-Light North America

LIGHTWAVE LED/ Topical Light Infusion

Topical Light Infusion System for Anti Aging and Acne Treatments

MASSAGE Magazine & Insurance Plus

Coverage for MTs, Cosmetologiests Estheticians, Nail Tech..etc

Mark Lees

Results-Oriented Non-comedogenic Skin Care

Belleza & Beauty

Microdermabrasion Equipment, Steamers, Magnifing Lamps

Botanical Science

Ladybird Line, Inc

Unique fashion-inspired uniform line for salon and spa professionals

AnteAGE by Cellese

Bion Research Skin Care

Carefully formulated skin care using active natural ingredients.


Anti Aging, Botanicals, Cosmeceuticals, Minerals, Organic, Peels

H.e.a.t Inc Spa-Kur Therapy Development

Shira Esthetics

Clinical Resolution Laboratory


Skin Elegance

G.M. Collin

Skin Care, Clinical Treatments, Anti-Aging, Peels, Cleansers