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LIGHTWAVE LED/ Topical Light Infusion

Topical Light Infusion System for Anti Aging and Acne Treatments

Shira Esthetics

MASSAGE Magazine & Insurance Plus

Coverage for MTs, Cosmetologiests Estheticians, Nail Tech..etc

AnteAGE by Cellese


Ladybird Line, Inc

Unique fashion-inspired uniform line for salon and spa professionals


Clinical Resolution Laboratory

Bion Research Skin Care

Carefully formulated skin care using active natural ingredients.

Belleza & Beauty

Microdermabrasion Equipment, Steamers, Magnifing Lamps

Botanical Science


Anti Aging, Botanicals, Cosmeceuticals, Minerals, Organic, Peels

G.M. Collin

Skin Care, Clinical Treatments, Anti-Aging, Peels, Cleansers

Mark Lees

Results-Oriented Non-comedogenic Skin Care

Skin Elegance

Lipo-Light North America

H.e.a.t Inc Spa-Kur Therapy Development