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Hale Cosmeceuticals

Serums, Professional Peels, Pentapeptide Skin Therapy

PFB Vanish Inc.

post depilatory skincare to reduce ingrown hair / razor bumps

Agera Laboratories Inc.

The Secret is in the Science

Saian Natural Clinical Skincare

Bodycare, Sensitive Skincare, Cleansers, Exfoliators, Masks, Serums

TheraVine™ Skin and Body Care

Anti-Aging Skincare, Men's Skincare, Paraben Free, Restorative

Appearus Products Corp

Spa Apparel & Disposables, Massage & Beauty Supplies, Waxing


Seaweed Based Skincare, Body Care, Mineral Makeup, Hair Spa

Pinnacle Cosmetics

Cosmetics & Makeup, Skincare, Aesthetic Supplies, Pigments


Tu’el Skincare

Berodin Wax, Natural & Paraben Free Skin Care, Anti-Aging

CBI Laboratories

Anti Aging Skincare, Private Label Skincare, Suncare, Masks

Clinical Resolution Laboratory


LED Light Therapy Skincare, Anti-Ageing Skincare, Acne Treatment

AnteAGE by Cellese

Fallene Ltd.

Skincare, Suncare, Anti-Aging, Moisturizers, Cosmetics, Mineral Makeup

Do Kiss And Tell

h2t Spa & Aesthetics MD

Chemical Peels, Pre-Peel-Conditioning, Cosmetic & Medical

Lipo-Light North America

vTrue Radiance Water, LLC

Physician Developed Anti-Aging Drink


Anti Aging, Botanicals, Cosmeceuticals, Minerals, Organic, Peels

Mark Lees

Results-Oriented Non-comedogenic Skin Care

MASSAGE Magazine & Insurance Plus

Coverage for MTs, Cosmetologiests Estheticians, Nail Tech..etc

California Skincare Supply, Inc.

Skin Care Brands, Training, Equipment, Resources & Services

Lira Clinical

Skin Brightening, Corrective Skincare, Rosacea, Exfoliation

Milano Software

Point of Sale, Inventory & Customer Relations Management

Summer Royce, House of Beauty

Long Luxurious Lashes in 60 Seconds

Professional Program Insurance Brokerage

Medical / Day Spa coverage for whole entities/business or individual aesthetician

GlyMed Plus / Advanced Aesthetics, Inc.

Stem Cell Therapy Skincare and Advanced Education Opportunities

LIGHTWAVE LED/ Topical Light Infusion

Topical Light Infusion System for Anti Aging and Acne Treatments


Revolutionized skin care through the power of peptides

H.e.a.t Inc Spa-Kur Therapy Development

Spa de Soleil

Private Label Skin Care, Hair Care, and Body Products.

Beecher Group

Spa Design & Layout, Spa Furniture & Equipment, Spa Products

G.M. Collin

Skin Care, Clinical Treatments, Anti-Aging, Peels, Cleansers

Skin Elegance

Lavakiss Corp

Bio masks, Skin, Scalp, Nail Care, Corrective Products

Kryolan Professional Make Up

Eyeliner, Nail-Color, Pencils/Brushes/Accessories, Lip Palettes

Dermastart™ / ClearChoice® / Prana SpaCeuticals®

Professional Treatments, Daily Skincare, Skin Conditioning

Bion Research Skin Care

Carefully formulated skin care using active natural ingredients.

Bass Brush Company

Beautifully crafted professional styling brushes, hair brushes, body brushes


Botanical Science

Dazzle Dry / VB Cosmetics, Inc.

VEGAN Dazzle Dry™ Lacquer System dries in 5 Minutes

Mugs By Her

Mugs By Her unique and stylish mugs will have your clients in awe!

Beauty Image

Hard and Soft Wax, Pre and Post-Depilatory Care, Roll-On Wax


3-in-1 LED. FDA-cleared to treat acne, wrinkles and pain.


We've done the research. Your clients see the results.

Osmosis Skincare

healing skincare, internal wellness, cosmetics, brushes, cosmecueticals


Micro-infused Collagen Gel Mask for Eyes, Face, Neck & Lips

Beauty Defect Repair

Aesthetic & Alternative Medicine Equipment, Body Detoxification Systems

Plush Organic Skin Care


Korean Skin Care - 70,000 Aesthetic Shops and Spas World Wide

Belleza & Beauty

Microdermabrasion Equipment, Steamers, Magnifing Lamps

Ladybird Line, Inc

Unique fashion-inspired uniform line for salon and spa professionals

Lôngmi Lashes

Patented Multiple-Layer Eyelash Extensions™

Shira Esthetics


Natural Hair Care - Clinically Proven to Promote Hair Growth

Éminence Organic Skin Care

Organic Skincare, Paraben-Free, Cruelty-Free Skincare

TEI Spa Beauty

Portable Beauty Tools, Anti-Aging, Exfoliation, Acne Treatments

Plaine Products

Eve Taylor North America

Body, Mind, and Spirit.
A Holistic Approach to Health.