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MASSAGE Magazine & Insurance Plus

Coverage for MTs, Cosmetologiests Estheticians, Nail Tech..etc

Professional Program Insurance Brokerage

Medical / Day Spa coverage for whole entities/business or individual aesthetician

LIGHTWAVE LED/ Topical Light Infusion

Topical Light Infusion System for Anti Aging and Acne Treatments

Lôngmi Lashes

Patented Multiple-Layer Eyelash Extensions™

Clinical Resolution Laboratory

Beauty Defect Repair

Aesthetic & Alternative Medicine Equipment, Body Detoxification Systems

Milano Software

Point of Sale, Inventory & Customer Relations Management

Beecher Group

Spa Design & Layout, Spa Furniture & Equipment, Spa Products

H.e.a.t Inc Spa-Kur Therapy Development

Shira Esthetics

Osmosis Skincare

healing skincare, internal wellness, cosmetics, brushes, cosmecueticals