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Diana Garber of Intuitive Concepts Empowers Women to Succeed Branding 06/07/2012
Qosmedix Introduces New Product Additions at HBA Global Expo Branding 06/06/2012
Qosmedix Releases Video Featuring “PRO Brush” Collection Branding 05/30/2012
Just Born…100% Natural, Aromatherapy Wellness Roll Ons. Branding 05/20/2012
Sexy Summer Strands News 05/15/2012
Hair Loss & Healthy Hair Services Are Transformational Branding 05/04/2012
American Made Chic Tour Branding 04/20/2012
Qosmedix Endorses the Beauty Bus Foundation Branding 04/03/2012
ATZEN at the 2012 Red Carpet Style Lounge in honor of 84th Academy Award Nominees Branding 02/16/2012
Over 40,000 Beauty Professionals Help Make PBA's 2012
International Salon & Spa Expo Long Beach Show a Huge Success
Tradeshows 02/10/2012
Qosmedix Expands Signature Black PRO Brush Collection Branding 01/23/2012
Kentucky Educator Wins 2012 Gerson Award for Excellence in Esthetic Education News 01/20/2012
Qosmedix Launches Global B2B E-Commerce Website News 01/18/2012
Di Biase Hair Extensions USA Expands Branding 12/30/2011
ATZEN - Revolutionizes the Winter Blues for your Skin Branding 12/26/2011
Long Beach 2012 Expands Esthetics America Pavilion Tradeshows 12/24/2011
THE NEW ATZEN - Sensual, Empowering, Healthy Branding 12/24/2011
ATZEN - Delivers what your client wants! Branding 12/24/2011
ATZEN - Delivers a Sensual, Empowering, Healthy Holiday Gift Branding 12/24/2011
ISSE Long Beach 2012 - Show Expansion Tradeshows 12/23/2011
Qosmedix Expands Lash Accessories Lineup for 2012 Branding 12/23/2011
An innovative pre-styler and revolutionary brush eliminate detangling headaches Branding 12/22/2011
The Real Reality in Wicked Fit
Branding 12/22/2011
Universal Companies® Celebrate New Website
One Comprehensive Online Catalog Source. Many New & Diverse Solutions!
Branding 12/21/2011
Angus Mitchell Academy Opportunities To Celebrate Your Career With New Masters Hair Design Workshop & Webinar Sessions Branding 12/20/2011
Hair Loss Control Clinic Offers New Broad Spectrum UV Protection Created Just For The Scalp Branding 11/17/2011
Hair Loss Control Clinic Offers New Triple Action Lash Accelerator For Spectacular Eyelashes Branding 11/17/2011
HBA WEBINAR - News 11/14/2011
Revitalize Your Business At Spa Marketplace In Hawaii Tradeshows 11/14/2011
Qosmedix Introduces New Liquid Eyeliner/Brow Pen Branding 11/09/2011
Qosmedix Adds Environmentally Conscious Makeup Pencil Sharpeners Branding 10/18/2011
MediTour Expo announces its 2012 Global Healthcare Conference: “Global Connected Care & 3rd MediTour Expo.” Branding 10/03/2011
Prima Fleur Recommends Treating Skin to Nourishing Vegetable Oil and Essential Oil Serums to Target Any Skin Condition – Even Oily! Branding 08/30/2011
Qosmedix Introduces New Latex Free Oblong Blending Sponges Branding 08/11/2011
Qosmedix Introduces Two New Sifter Jars with Twist/Lock Feature Branding 07/25/2011
Escape To Spa Marketplace In Hawaii
Second Annual Spa Event For Salon and Spa Owners, Managers & Professionals – January 22 & 23, 2012
Branding 07/25/2011
Day Spa Association Launches New Website News 06/18/2011
Prima Fleur Recommends Treating Skin to Nourishing Vegetable Oil and Essential Oil Serums to Target Any Skin Condition – Even Oily! Branding 06/18/2011
Scandle® Body Candle Celebrates Earth Month Branding 04/10/2011
Malibu Wellness Promotes Trisha Kemp
The Experienced Day Spa Owner Becomes Director of Business Development
Branding 03/29/2011
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